Welcome. This website is intended to help you understand electromagnetic radiation (EMR). By empowering yourself with knowledge, you'll be able to make informed decisions and reduce your exposure to EMR, protecting yourself and those you care about.

The Book

I have written a book called Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation: A Complete Guide for Protecting Your Health. If you want to understand electromagnetic radiation and it's affects on your health without having to spend time doing the research, this book is for you. The information is timely and useful, articulated in a similar manner as the material on this website. Click BOOK DESCRIPTION for more information. To order your copy click ORDER A BOOK.

Electromagnetic Investigations

You can arrange to have me do an investigation of your home or office to ensure that the levels of electromagnetic radiation are safe. Click SERVICES to learn more and to order an inspection. Should you wish to do your own investigation, you can order a copy of my book and follow the directions in Chapter 12, Electromagnetic Home Investigation.

Low-EMF Design Consulting

Low-EMF design is a strategy used in the planning and design stages of a new home or major renovation to minimize the ambient levels of electromagnetic radiation. The process involves careful consideration of floor plans, electrical design and thoughtful use of lighting fixtures, heating equipment and appliances. I can assist the home owner, interior designer and electrical planner in achieving these goals. Click on SERVICES to request more information on this service.

EMR Workshops

As a service to bring about an understanding of electromagnetic radiation and its biological and health effects, I conduct workshops and lead discussion groups. In these informal meetings, I focus the subject material and address specific concerns of the participants. For more information, click CONTACT US and email me with your request.

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