The following is a list books, websites and articles that you may find useful to increase your awareness of electromagnetic radiation and its effects on human health. In addition, using an Internet search engine and some common sense you can find a seemingly endless supply of material to enhance your education.


Cross Currents - The Perils of Electropollution - The Promise of Electromedicine
by Dr. Robert O. Becker
Available at: Banyen Books & Sound

The Body Electric - Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life
by Dr. Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden
Available at: Banyen Books & Sound

Warning: The Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous to Your Health - How to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Fields, New 3rd Edition
by Ellen Sugarman

Electromagnetic Fields - A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves
by B. Blake Levitt
Available at: Banyen Books & Sound

Cell Phones - Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age - An Insider's Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage
by Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram

Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the Electrical Environment
by Dr. Cyril W Smith and Simon Best

The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook - How Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Are Making People Sick
by Lucinda Grant

Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette
by Robert Kane Vantage Press 2001

Safe As Houses? - Ill Health Caused by Electro-magnetic Fields and Geopathic Stress
by David R. Cowan, co-authored by Rodney Girdlestone
Available online.


Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry - by Dr. George Carlo - to track information given voluntarily by cell phone users.

Overcoming Electrical Sensitivity - My Personal Story by Gilligan Joy - a very good account of one man's struggle with his electrical sensitivity.
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Healthy Home and EMF Consultant (Bau-Biologie) - an excellent website about creating a healthy home including a discussion about EMF.

Healthy home Design and Natural Products

Microwave News -information about EMF in general

EnergyFields -information about wireless technology

EMR Network -information about EMR in general as well as cell phones

Wave-Guide -information about cell phones and EMF

Environmental Health Center - Dallas (Dr. William Rea) - a clinic for the treatment of environment sensitivities

Electricalpollution - good general information on aspects of EMF

BC Hydro - Recycling Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

EMF Safety Superstore - an online superstore for EMF information and products


Any articles written about electromagnetic sensitivities by Dr. Jean Monro, Breakspear Medical Group Ltd.

The Largest Biological Experiment Ever - Electromagnetic Radiation - by Arthur Firstenberg

The Radiation Poisoning of America - by Amy Worthington

The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation - by Sue Kovach

Effects of Electropollution On Hormones and Breast Cancer

BC Hydro - Electric and Magnetic Fields

**Other books of great value not directly related to electromagnetic radiation

The Field - The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe
by Lynne McTaggart

Pain Free - A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain - a great book that I have used and recommended on countless occasions.
by Pete Egoscue with Roger Gittines

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