The total density of electromagnetic radiation in urban areas is estimated to be 200 million times higher than it was 100 years ago. Why does this matter? Let's take a quick look back at how we got here.

Over hundreds of thousands of years, life on Earth has evolved in a subtle electromagnetic environment created naturally by the Earth and the sun. Within this environment our bodies have become quite sophisticated with tiny electric currents and magnetic fields controlling many bodily processes such as brain chemistry, bone growth, healing and cell adhesion, growth and division. Even our heartbeat and muscle coordination are controlled by electrical signals.

However, the widespread use of electrical technologies has introduced a great deal of powerful man-made radiation into our environment that is interfering with the subtle processes of our bodies and increasing our risks of illness and disease.

Man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) comes at us from all directions. It's radiated from cellphone, microwave and AM/FM/TV antennas. It is beamed from satellites. Technologies like cellphones, cordless phones, BlackBerry, Bluetooth and wireless Internet connections (Wi-Fi) contribute to the thick soup of frequencies. Radiation from high-voltage electrical transmission lines, distribution wires and transformers pollutes outside spaces and invades our homes. Faults in building wiring along with small and large appliances, computers and electronic entertainment equipment contribute to the mix of low-frequency radiation in the home.

Our bodies are not equipped to function in this environment of intense radiation and we are now feeling the effects. It's not surprising that after eight decades of research scientists have linked numerous serious illnesses to overexposure to EMR, including diseases of the nervous system such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and motor neuron disease.

Low-level radio-frequency radiation can lead to DNA and chromosome damage and to changes in biological balances and cell physiology. Electromagnetic radiation depresses the immune system and this can lead to a number of illnesses, the most disturbing ones being cancer. Despite decades of intensive research to find cures, reports of cases of childhood and adult leukemia have increased. Reports of lung cancer cases have increased by 50%, breast cancer cases by 200% and prostate cancer cases by 400%.

Many species that share the Earth with us are reacting to the intense levels of radiation. Sparrow populations are declining in cities where there is heavy cellphone use. Migrating birds are having difficulties because the subtle magnetic patterns of the Earth they use for navigation can't be detected over the powerful man-made signals. Honeybee populations are in decline and some scientists believe wireless radiation is to blame. Our dairy cattle and horses and our dogs and cats are reacting to the wireless onslaught. Even many species of plants are under stress and research is ongoing to discover the reasons.

Parents and professional groups as diverse as the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in the UK and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors are speaking out because of a growing unease over the health effects due to the infiltration of wireless radiation into homes, schools and workplaces. The radiation is due to the rapid deployment of cellphone antennas and wireless Internet connections such as Wi-Fi, WLAN and Wi-Max that blanket large urban areas. These networks are being installed in schools, libraries and other public buildings without consideration for the health of children or the concerns of parents.

Electric utility companies have known for decades that both electric fields and magnetic fields generated by their high-voltage transmission and distribution lines increase the risks of childhood and adult leukemia. Since the 1950s, utility companies have been studying tiny particles known as corona ions that form when air molecules are ionized in the electric fields of high-voltage wires. These nano-sized particles attract and attach to particulates of air pollution as they drift away from their source, which, when inhaled or contacting the skin, can lead to skin cancer, lung cancer, respiratory disease, allergies and asthma, depression and suicide.

If the situation weren't so serious, it would be laughable. The federal governments in Canada, the United States and many other countries seem determined to ignore what science has established over the last 80 or 90 years.

An international congress of scientists and other experts gathered in Brussels, Belgium in 1936 to review the science of cancer at the time. The published proceedings noted a consensus among attendees that two of the known cancer agents for humans are ionizing and solar radiation. An article in Scientific American in 1949 outlined carcinogens known to be present in the human environment and on the list were solar and ionizing radiation. The radiation and chemicals listed "caused cancer by physically damaging the body or chemically inducing malignant growth."

Since then, volumes of research have been assembled that prove non-ionizing radiation is harmful to humans as well. Sixty years later, many governments in the world have yet to establish meaningful safe exposure guidelines for electromagnetic radiation and their agendas seem to be driven by the interests of giant wireless companies and electric utilities.

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