Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation Cover

Concerned about the safety of your cellphone?

Do you have unexplained symptoms your doctor can't treat?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness?

If you're looking for the truth about electromagnetic radiation (EMR), this is the book for you. It cuts through the rhetoric and the controversy to give you the facts about EMR. But it doesn't stop there. The book also gives you simple, doable steps for testing your environment and protecting yourself from the dangers of EMR.

Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation will help you understand:

  • what electromagnetic radiation is and why you need to decrease your exposure
  • why cellphone use increases the risks of cancer and other diseases
  • what folks in the wireless and electrical industries don't want you to know
  • why independent scientists are concerned

The book also explains how to:

  • recognize symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity
  • make your home safe for you and your family
  • reduce your risks of serious illness and cancer

Empower yourself with knowledge. Get the tools you need to begin decreasing your exposure to EMR. Start now by reading this book!





Part 1 - Gathering the Evidence

Chapter 1 - Electromagnetic Radiation
How It All Started * What Is Electromagnetic Radiation? * What Are the Concerns?
Chapter 2 - Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health
Symptoms of EMR Exposure * Electromagnetic Sensitivity * Treatment of Electromagnetic Sensitivity * Impact of EMR on Your Body
Chapter 3 - Terms and Definitions
Electricity * Electromagnetic Radiation * Electromagnetic Fields * Magnetic Fields * Electric Fields * Electromagnetic Spectrum * Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation * Thermal Effects * Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) * Dirty Electricity
Chapter 4 - Impact on the Environment
Nature Under Attack * Earth's Electromagnetic Environment * Nature Reacts to Wireless Radiation
Chapter 5 - Wireless Networks and Power Transmission Lines
Proliferation of Wireless Networks * Reasons for Concern * Power Transmission and Distribution Lines
Chapter 6 - Cellphones
Safety Debate * The Risks * Reducing Your Risks
Chapter 7 - Geomagnetic Energy
Earth Energies * Effects on Health * Case Studies * Precautions for Cancer Patients
Chapter 8 - Roles of Government and Industry

Part 2 - Improving Your Living Environment

Chapter 9 - Safe Exposure Standards
The Need for Meaningful Safety Standards * Existing Guidelines * Establishing Safe Exposure Standards * Taking Responsibility
Chapter 10 - Building or Renovating an Electromagnetic-Safe Home
Living with Electromagnetic Radiation * Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation in the Home Planning and Design Considerations * Room-Specific Considerations * Other Considerations
Chapter 11 - Toxic Chemicals and Electromagnetic Radiation
Toxic Chemicals and Human Health * Making the Home Healthier and Safer
Chapter 12 - Electromagnetic Home Investigation
Purpose * Tools for the Job * Determining Ambient Conditions * Continuing the Investigation Indoors * Room-Specific Suggestions * Final Steps
Chapter 13 - Real Estate Pre-commitment Investigations
Chapter 14 - EMR in Passenger Vehicles
Some Background * Performing Pre-purchase Inspections * Vehicles for the Electromagnetically Sensitive



A Sources of People
B Sources of Tools and Materials
C Conversion Tables
D Recommendations for Reducing EMR Exposure
E Medical Alert - Aggravated Symptom Relapses Reported after Use of Widely-Available EMR      Protection Products

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations



Publishing information

ISBN: 978-0-9865099-0-2
Format: paperback
Pages: 234
Dimensions: 21.5 X 13.9 X 1.5 cm
Price: $24.95 plus shipping

About the author

Jim Waugh has an engineering degree with considerable business and technical experience. Drawing on his background and knowledge of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), he assists clients in reducing their exposure to this environmental pollutant. Through home and office inspections and low-EMF design consultations, Jim coaches his clients to create safe living and working environments while maintaining full benefit from their electrical technologies. Jim is active in raising public awareness of the health risks associated with EMR through classroom workshops, discussion groups and magazine articles.

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