Recommendations for an EMF Safe Home
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Listed here, in no particular order, are some recommendations that I consider to be a high priority in order to keep everyone in the home particularly infants and young children safe from the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Because the bodies of infants and young children are developing and growing, they are susceptible to injury that can be caused by exposure to magnetic fields and other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

1. If there are infants and/or young children in the home have the home surveyed for unsafe levels of electromagnetic radiation particularly in the childrens bedroom's and play areas.

2. Arrange bedroom furniture such that no member of the family sleeps with the head of the bed on a wall that is opposite to an electric panel, electric meter, refrigerator, freezer, television, computer, air conditioning unit or any other device that produces electromagnetic radiation during sleeping hours.

3. Never allow a child to use a cellular telephone or a cordless phone.

4. Ensure that all beds in use at night have zero electric field exposure and magnetic field exposure no higher than 0.2 to 0.3 milligauss.

5. Never use an electric hair dryer on a child.

6. Never sleep in a bed with an electric heating pad, electric blanket, or waterbed heater plugged in to a wall outlet.

7. Stand at least one metre from an operating toaster, electric kettle, microwave oven, electric stove, electric oven or toaster oven when immediate attention is not required.

8. Discourage children from hanging around a kitchen when electric appliances are in operation.

9. If cordless devices must be used, recharge them at night and locate the charging units away from bedrooms.

10. Refrain from using cellular telephones in the home.

11. Because of high levels of electromagnetic radiation and long periods of exposure, do everything possible to the home computer and workstation to reduce risks from electromagnetic radiation.

12. Should a fluorescent light fixture be located beneath a child?s bedroom or playroom ensure that the fixture remains in the off mode while a child is sleeping or playing in the room.

13. Remove cordless telephones from bedrooms and replace them with corded units and use battery operated clocks and radios.

14. Pregnant women must be diligent not to expose the fetus to unhealthy levels of electromagnetic radiation as a result of their use of cellular telephones, wireless devices, computers and kitchen appliances.

15. Avoid using wireless connections for computer equipment.

16. Upgrade the computer monitor to a flat screen LCD model that produces low levels electromagnetic radiation.

17. Never use a laptop on your lap while it is using AC power.

18. Clear the home of cordless phones, in particular DECT technology, and replace them with corded phones.

19. Avoid the use of beds with metal parts if electrical sensitivity is an issue.

20. Have all lamp wiring converted to a grounded type to reduce electric fields.

21. Substitute electrically operated devices with manual devices as much as possible, for example pencil sharpeners and can openers.

22. Avoid wearing ferrous metals on the body including costume jewelry, key rings, pens, belt buckles, metal eyeglass frames and bras with under wires.

23. Prior to purchasing or renting a home have the neighbourhood and building surveyed for high levels of electromagnetic and wireless radiation.

24. Avoid using a cellular phone in a vehicle without an external antenna.

25. Avoid areas of wireless networking.

26. Have the home surveyed for dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation due to wiring faults, ground errors, electrical panel faults, dirty electricity and ground current.

27. Substitute a battery-operated razor for an electric model.

28. Remove all electrical wires from under beds.

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