Electromagnetic Investigation

To ensure that your home is a safe place to live, work and recover from a serious illness, request an electromagnetic investigation from a knowledgeable practitioner. A thorough investigation for dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) (also called electromagnetic fields) will reveal unhealthy levels of radiation and it will help you understand how to use modern electrical and wireless technologies safely. The investigation will uncover:

  • magnetic fields from errors in building wiring, appliances or other sources that could be causing symptoms or illnesses that research has linked to exposure to this radiation
  • electric fields that could be the cause of sleep disturbances, symptoms and illnesses
  • sources of unnecessary wireless radiation that are increasing the total amount of radiation that your body is absorbing unnecessarily on a daily basis
  • electric current (ground current) entering the living space by way of water pipes, gas lines and improper grounding procedures causing magnetic fields in the home
  • power quality issues (dirty electricity) on electrical wiring circuits that can lead to symptoms and illnesses caused by these frequencies
  • electrical features such as lighting and in-floor radiant heating that contribute to the overall levels of electromagnetic pollution
  • furniture and appliance arrangements that could be exposing you or family members to unnecessary electromagnetic radiation
  • unsafe practices used in operating small appliances and wireless devices

I will recommend ways to correct unsafe situations and reduce your daily electromagnetic exposure.

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You can conduct your own electromagnetic investigation by following the steps I have outlined in my book, Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation: A Complete Guide for Protecting Your Health. Click here ORDER A BOOK to order your copy.

Low-EMF Design Consulting

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in a home are the result of radiation entering from outside sources and/or radiating from sources within the building. These combine to produce a living and working environment that can be unhealthy and uncomfortable.

Low-EMF design is used at the planning stages of a new home or major renovation to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields through good floor plans, choice of electrical features and sound electrical planning. A low-EMF home will not only be safer for its residents, it will also hold an increasingly recognized value as awareness of EMF health hazards grows.

The services I provide to homeowners are:

  • alerting the space planner, electrical designer and electrical contractor about the many possible sources of EMF in the home and how they can affect the health of the residents
  • assisting the designers in developing efficient floor and electrical plans and choosing electrical features that incorporate as many elements of low-EMF design as possible
  • ensuring that the goals of low-EMF design have been met through site inspections and metering the energized electrical system

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You'll find a great deal of information about low-EMF design in Chapter 10 of my book, Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation: A Complete Guide for Protecting Your Health. Click here ORDER A BOOK to order your copy.

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