Protecting Yourself

You might ask, why do I have to protect myself? Aren't government authorities protecting me from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation?

Well, actually, no.

Experts familiar with current research believe that the safe guidelines in most countries for human exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are thousands of times too lenient to protect human health.

A number of governments have established safe exposure guidelines based on science, including Russia, many of the East European countries, China, Switzerland and Italy. Sweden recognizes electromagnetic sensitivity as a medical disability and has established communities outside urban centres for those wishing to escape from the intense radiation.

In some cases, parents and teachers have successfully prevented the installation of Wi-Fi in schools and public buildings such as libraries. Others have been successful in having existing systems removed to reduce such symptoms as headaches, dizziness and distorted vision and to protect students from the health effects of unnecessary long-term radiation exposure.

The only way you can reduce your risks of over-exposure is by understanding what EMR is and how it can compromise your health.

For example, you should know that the biological effects of EMR vary according to its intensity. A cellphone or cordless phone held to the head will, over a period of time, increase the risks of cancer developing in the brain, eye, ear or neck because the intense radiation is concentrated on a limited area of the body. However, whole-body exposure received from cellphone antennas or wireless Internet connections (Wi-Fi) will increase the risks of cancer such as leukemia or neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease.

You should also be aware that Earth's geomagnetic field is a source of low-intensity radiation. We ignore this here in North America, but it is taken seriously in many European countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Scientists have learned over decades of study that sleeping in rooms where this energy is concentrated can debilitate the immune system allowing the development of a number of illnesses including numerous types of cancer.

All of these factors should be considered when you are planning to build a new home or do a major renovation of your existing one. Designing a floor plan and electrical plan to avoid electromagnetic and geomagnetic hotspots in the home is a straightforward process.

As well, there are hundreds of toxic chemicals used in building and decorating materials, furnishings and household cleaning products that lead to many of the symptoms and diseases associated with EMR. There have been reported cases of toxic chemicals triggering sensitivities to electromagnetic fields and vice versa. Tens of thousands of harmful chemicals in the products we come in contact with have not been adequately tested for safety, let alone the myriad combinations. This means that our risks of a triggered sensitivity in polluted environments can be very high.

Many of us spend most of our time indoors, either at work or at home, so it is important that these long-duration areas be as safe as possible. A good way to accomplish this is through an electromagnetic survey of your home or work space, either as a do-it-yourself project or by an experienced professional.

Such a survey will help you identify sources of EMR that must be avoided, moved or corrected by a qualified professional to protect you from long-term health effects. Surveying your home or work space will increase your awareness of the intensity of radiation emitted by the appliances and electrical devices that you use on a daily basis.

Through surveying your home, you'll gain skills you can use to perform pre-commitment inspections of properties you might be planning to purchase or lease.

And keep in mind that the interiors of newer cars, trucks and SUVs, particularly hybrids and electrics, are flooded with dangerous levels of electric fields and magnetic fields. Along with a substantial test drive, you should include an investigation for electric and magnetic fields in your pre-purchase inspections of new or late-model vehicles.

These topics and others are discussed in more detail in my book, Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation: A Complete Guide for Protecting Your Health. The book will to help you understand electromagnetic radiation and its effects on human health. It will give you the knowledge and tools to do your own surveys and ensure that your environment is as safe as possible.

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